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Jennifer Jones, Harry Broderick, Barbara Duke SamsBianca Slagle and Jordan OgleWalter and Francine Mayes, Monica PaskettThe Wine FestDaniel Harwell and Melanie TownsendPhillip and Jenny Scheffsky, Kiersten Kamman, Erin WebleyHolly Banta and T.JTerry Kuehl and Melissa Lapworth-KuehlSarah Long, Mike Lobue, Kevan Whittle, Lynn BurrowsAndrew and Meredith Lough, Susan Hickman and Dane Roberts-2Ken Roney, Merisol and Chad Buchannon, Shannon BennettTara Adams and Mariah CarlisleClyde Evans and Richard MilesRobin and Francisco ValenzuelaStephen and Andrea Cranfill